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Ventrilo server will not be set up until cataclysm. 

<Dont Fox With Me Naga> Is a PvP guild on Balnazzar. Membership is open to all level 80+ players who want to focus on PvP. No application required. Look for members in-game and request an invite.

We will also Raid in Cataclysm. This will be a side attraction to PvP that will help us obtain BIS gear for PvP. Only the best players will be chosen for the raids until they no longer need the gear. We prioritize our best players first; so if you want to be taken seriously--make yourself noticed and work at becoming the best.

Members who have been in the guild for over 1 month and still are not up to standards required to compete in PvP will be benched from premades to make room for more capable players.

Initiate: You will remain an initiate until you obtain gear needed to compete effectively in PvP. (This does not include the launch of cata where everyone will be leveling and re-gearing)
Member: You will be promoted to this rank once you have obtained decent PvP gear and have started running premades.
Veteran: You will be promoted to Veteran once you have shown your level of skill is at a point where we want to prioritize you in as many runs of premades and raids as possible.
Officer: People who are capable of leading premades to 90%+ victory. Requires high gear level. High skill. And in-depth knowledge of every BG and every class/spec -- talent/ability.
Guild Master: You will never reach this level because no one is as awesome as me. :P

Language: Guild chat is a public chat system so if you don't like the way people are talking; gtfo of our guild. We don't want people who are going to get upset at a certain word. If you have children, then don't let them look at the screen. 
Maturity: Be as goofy and retarded as you want. If you piss people off, they will just ignore you and it will lessen your chances of getting into premades. If a higher ranked player in the guild has 3 people on ignore that are of a lower rank, then those 3 people will be chosen last to participate in premades. Respect higher ranks because they are better than you and and decide whether you you get carried or not.
Guild Motto: Don't be so serious. I'm not going to say "It's just a game" because that is the excuse used by baddies. there is no reason to get pissed off at other guild members, nor is there any reason to point out that one of us sucks and then ridicule w/o effort of helping. If you see someone who needs to play better. Then fucking teach them you lazy cunt. It is true that we don't want a guild full of bads, however, give these people a chance to show that they can be better. Most of us got better because we played better people. This guild will be full of the only "better" people on the server so it's our responsibility to show others how to be good.
Gear up: This is the last rules. If you want to stay in the guild and to run premades. Then you better maintain the proper gear. Especially with the new pvp gear system in cata, there will be no excuses for not having good enough gear to compete.
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